Here are the best uses for rosehip oil:

  • Face – daily or twice a day as moisturizer or to help with skin conditions like acne, eczema and dermatitis
  • Body – daily to hydrate and moisturize skin, especially during winter to reduce dryness and itchiness. Apply directly on dry skin, stretch marks, and scars. Use daily for 6-8 weeks to see gradual improvement. There are no miracles in natural ingredients. Everything takes time, discipline, and dedicated effort
  • Hair – as needed (after hair being washed) to revive hair after hair treatments and to improve general hair health and shine
  • Aromatherapy – to reduce stress and calm body and mind

Rosehip Oil for Acne, Eczema, & Scars

Though it is not studied much by scientific community yet, beauty enthusiasts who use Rosehip oil for acne, eczema, scars, and stretch marks report great results. It all makes sense, since Rosehip oil has high concentration of Vitamins A, C and E, and fatty acids that are typically associated with improving skin conditions and helping with cell regeneration and reduction of inflammation.

Rosehip oil is rich in antioxidants and polyunsaturated fatty acids, like linoleic acid, which are imperative for preventing the breakdown of cell membranes in the skin. Strong, healthy cells act as a barrier to prevent bacteria from invading the skin, which can lead to outbreaks and infections.

To give it a try for treating atopic dermatitis with rosehip oil by moisturizing skin twice a day with this healing oil. For body treatment, apply a few drops of oil on skin immediately after shower.

Please talk to your physician if you would like to use Rosehip oil for eczema, dermatitis, or acne treatments to get more info on dosage, usage and best practices with this great natural skin healer.

How to Use Rosehip Oil for Face

  • rosehip is a hydrator - essential for soft, supple skin
  • due to concentration of polyphenols and anthocyanin, Rosehip oil is known to help reduce inflammation and irritation related to rosacea, psoriasis, eczema, and dermatitis
  • rosehip moisturizes and retains natural skin oils and hydration
  • rosehip helps exfoliate (which will reduce skin dullness and leave skin glowing and bright)
  • high concentration of vitamins A in Rosehip Oil (also known as retinol) encourage skin cell turnover
  • vitamin C also aids in cell regeneration, boosting overall radiance and collagen replenishment, which is critical for skin to stay firm and smooth
  • using Rosehip oil daily to protect against sun damage will help fight premature aging. When skin is exposed to harmful UV rays, collagen production suffers and with that comes premature wrinkles and sun spots. Vitamins A, C, and E – all found in Rosehip all fight sun damage and help prevent photoaging TOGETHER
  • rosehip reduces hyperpigmentation related to sun exposure, hormonal changes and medications

How to Use Rosehip Oil for Body

  • rosehip oil hydrates dry and itchy skin
  • fatty acids that are plentiful in rosehip oil moisturize skin
  • nourish and revitalize skin – rosehip absorbs easily and its powerful antioxidants go deep into skin
  • rosehip is a great natural oil for reducing scars and scar tissue formation
  • if you have dermatitis or eczema, Rosehip oil will help improve those conditions


The best way to use Rosehip on the body is twice a day (or even once a day) after a warm shower. Apply a few drops of the oil on slightly wet skin and let it absorb (just a few minutes) before getting dressed.

Rosehip is very light and not greasy, and it will absorb easily. Just remember that all oils absorb best with water and on warm skin, this is why doing it directly after the shower is the best!

How to Use Rosehip Oil for Hair

It is actually a great idea to incorporate Rosehip oil into your hair wellness routine. It is so easy to do, and benefits are great.

Rosehip oil can help with a few things for your hair:

  • protects hair surface from harmful UV damage and drying
  • improves hair structure and overall health
  • helps regenerate hair after bleaching, perming, dyeing, burnout
  • hydrates and protects hair during winter months

Here is how we would use it – after shower (when hair is wet) rub 1-2 drops of oil in-between your palms and apply to hair roots and ends and massage some into scalp. That easy!

Rosehip Oil in Aromatherapy

Ahh… Rosehip oil smells so good! And this is why it is used in aromatherapy and as a carrier oil for heavier, essential oils. Just having a few whiffs of rosehip oil will make you more relaxed, which will help with blood pressure and will relax your mind and body and will calm you down.