Flower waters are not just waters - they are essence of plants, capable of delivering their incredible healing powers to your skin.

Here is how we use flower waters and the same is true for countless generations from antiquity on. First, let's differentiate between rose and geranium water and when to use each.

Rose water - Roseau [ro-zo] - is your daily toner. It provides light lifting and slightly drying effect (great for mature skin). It nourishes skin and balances pH (important for acne-prone skin). Rose water tones pores and helps reduce redness related to capillary damage, think rosacea. Rose water is a great to set makeup and refresh skin during the day.

We use rose water in the morning BEFORE adding any of the oils on freshly washed skin. We also love adding a few drops or sprays of rose water to neck and decolette and anywhere, really, even on hair.  We always 'seal' benefits of the toner (rose toner) with a moisturizing oil to create the moisture retention barrier. Make sure to add oil before skin dries. To get the most benefit of the rose toner, tap or massage the toner into skin. Do not just spray it. You need to get those rose water molecules in.

At night we do the same exact process by always cleansing skin first and spraying / massaging toner in and then sealing the toning effect with an oil. You can choose your daily staple Hoba Oil or for more mature skin with Rosehip Oil or Barie Oil.

Geranium Water - Geran [zhe-run] - is your skin soothing hydrator. Geranium has light natural antiseptic properties and is a wonderful product for cooling red, irriated skin or just deeply hydrating skin. Geranium reduces redness and inflammation and helps skin heal faster.

We use geranium water exactly the same way as rose water in the morning. For gents, you can use it instead of your aftershave (not irritating and you will not smell like flowers - what a bonus). And you can use it instead of your deodorant. Give it a try!

Same is true for the night routine. You might not need a deodorant or aftershave, but you can help hydrate skin and add more healing benefits by using Black Seed Oil for acne-prone skin or for breakouts or for extra boost of hydration - Rosehip Oil or Barie Oil will be your best options.