Here is a simple daily regimen for blemish-free skin with cruelty-free, vegan ingredients:

Morning beauty routine:

  • (can do the step with the masque 2-3 times week and the rest of it daily) – mix 1 teaspoon of Argil green clay with 1-2 teaspoons of warm water with non-metal utensils before showering
  • apply Argil clay masque to slightly wet clean face, avoiding areas under eyes
  • shower
  • rinse Argil clay masque last allowing clay to work deep into pores and cleanse the skin deeply
  • after shower when skin is still wet, apply (spray and massage or massage) Roseau (rose water toner) or Geranium hydrating water
  • before skin dries out, add moisturizer – Hoba, light and fast absorbing jojoba oil – it makes a perfect makeup primer
  • apply sunscreen and if you use makeup, Hoba is a perfect base for makeup and blends so well with foundations; Roseau is great as a final touch as a makeup setting spray

During the beauty day routine:

  • spray rose water toner as needed to refresh skin and / or makeup
  • apply Hoba oil as needed to chapped lips, dry cuticles and hands (tip: oil absorbs much better when skin is warm and even better on slightly wet, warm skin – oil and water are best friends; give it a try and see the difference)

Nightly simple beauty routine:

  • cleanse your skin with Hoba (it is an amazing clean beauty, vegan makeup remover)
  • wash / rince your face with warm or hot water
  • if you choose, spray and massage Roseau (rose water toner) or Geran (geranium hydrating mist) – I do it because it feels amazing on the skin and smells delicious
  • put a drop or two of Barie serum and massage it into your skin starting from areas under eyes and around mouth
  • add a few drops of Hoba and apply to the rest of the face, neck, décolleté and hands
  • you are ready for your skin to relax and revive over night!

Tip: Argil Green Clay masque can be used 2-3 times a week or a spot application for breakouts and blemishes as needed.