100% pure, cold-pressed Black Seed Oil from seeds collected from the plants organically grown in the Delta of the Nile.


Organically Grown

A little comment about organically grown plants... Egypt's Delta of the Nile for thousands of years has been known for the most fertile soil. Farmers continue using the same methods for farming as their ancestors did millennia ago.

The coolest thing to know about farming in Egypt is that chemicals are not used for a few simple reasons:

  • It is not allowed by the government
  • It is too expensive :)
  • It is not needed - as Nile during its annual flood, collects rich mineral sediments from the entire African continent and the soil is plenty fertilized, naturally.


Used since the time of Pharaohs, black seed oil was known to cure 'all but death', as legend has it. It is a powerful free-radical fighting oil. Recent studies have shown that one of the oil's main compounds, thymoquinone, has potential for inhibiting and even killing certain cancer cells. It does wonders for acne-prone skin.

Black Seed Oil has been found in King Tutt's tomb and is considered for millennia a very potent antioxidant and anti-inflammatory oil. Multiple studies have been conducted that ruled that Black Seed Oil had a better result clearing eczema than traditional medications. Parents in Egypt will send you directly to pharmacy to get some Black Seed Oil, if you or your child has mosquito bites or any skin issues.

So, after all, Pharaohs were not far off when they used Black Seed Oil for all skin ailments and ingested it for an array of internal health issues.