Skin Heroes - Copper & Zinc in Jojoba (Hoba) Oil

Chapter 1 | HOBA (jojoba oiL) - chemistry of the oil

Let’s dive a little deeper into 2 main components of this incredible liquid plant wax to highlight how it benefits your skin at a cellular level. Along with high amounts of Vit E, A and D, and all 8 B vitamins, jojoba also contains significant amounts of the minerals zinc and copper! Wow, what a powerhouse!!

Chapter 2 | Zinc in jojoba oil

Zinc is an essential mineral in maintaining the health of our skin. It is needed for the stability of cell walls and is crucial for healthy collagen formation, making it an important player In supporting the integrity of the skin. Due to its ability to act as an antioxidant, zinc prevents wrinkle formation at the molecular level. We need zinc in our bodies and our skin care!

Our skin is our body’s largest organ, and zinc’s effectiveness in balancing the microbiome on the surface of our skin makes it barrier protective. Having a healthy, protected skin barrier is key for a radiant complexion. When our barrier is compromised, that’s when irritation, redness, inflammation, uneven texture and breakouts can start to wreak havoc. 

Having enough zinc internally is super important for so many reasons. This mighty mineral boosts our immune system and aids in healing after an injury, along with all of the benefits for skin health. We may feel we get lots of zinc in our diet, but unfortunately our soil is becoming more and more depleted of nutrients due to farming methods, and it is very challenging to ingest enough zinc through our foods

Katari Hoba comes from the most fertile soils on Earth, from the Delta of the Nile, where annual floods for thousands of years have been bringing nutrient-rich deposits from the entire African continent, keeping lands naturally fertilized and plants that grow there filled with potent micro-elements.

Zinc is considered a trace mineral, and we only need a small amount, but even small amounts are hard to come by. Even mild zinc deficiencies can cause acne and poor wound healing and impaired collagen production. While topically applying zinc cannot increase your internal zinc stores, it is very helpful for external wound repair, clearing acne causing bacteria, reducing oil production and is especially effective for reducing inflammation and acne scarring. There’s a reason that most natural diaper rash creams are zinc based—it’s so healing and anti-inflammatory!

TIP: If you want to bring more zinc into your diet, try adding more zinc rich foods like pumpkin seeds/cashews/chickpeas/beans/ and figs.:)

Chapter 3 | Copper in jojoba oil

Copper is another star mineral that is found in our pure Hoba oil. It is an essential nutrient for the body and playsan important role in the synthesis of skin proteins (aka collagen and elastin) making it a must have for healthy aging. This mineral is also anti bacterial and anti fungal and works to protect and repair the skin. One of the coolest properties of copper is its ability to promote the production of Hyaluronic Acid (HLA) in our skin. 

HLA is found in almost every cell, and is especially prevalent in our skin cells. It is vital to maintaining the hydration levels in our skin and works to give a plumping effect to the surface, which gives the appearance of smoother skin with less wrinkle depth. Copper increases firmness without irritation, making it a must have in beauty products!

A reverence for the properties of copper can be traced back to Ancient Egypt. The holy Ankh, known as the “key of life” symbolized eternal life or “breath of life” and was also the symbol for the sacred metal, copper! How fascinating! The amazing benefits of copper have been recognized and honoured for thousands of years. 

TIP: foods that contain copper include avocados/lentils/almonds/ dark chocolate/ and asparagus. 


*Note: We are typically not deficient in copper due to the use of copper pipes, copper cookware etc.

Chapter 4 | 10 best uses for Jojoba (hoba oil)

  1.  Natural hypoallergenic moisturizer
  2.  Perfect primer - use before makeup for smooth application
  3.  Makeup remover - all makeup even mascara
  4.  Beard and hair conditioning oil - apply a drop or two on wet hair after wash
  5.  Cuticle and hand oil - always apply on slightly wet, warm skin
  6.  Best baby oil for massage, dry skin, chapped lips, diaper rash
  7.  Carrier oil - add a drop of your favorite essential oil to create perfect body oils
  8.  Great daily oil for acne-prone and oily skin
  9.  Use instead of shaving cream and moisturize skin after too
  10.  Filled with micro-elements to boost skin cell vitality and health

Try Katari Hoba oil by itself or with Rose water toner (Roseau) - the are a dream team together!

This article is written by Kerri Repta, our incredible holistic beauty guru and esthetician with over 20 years of clean beauty and wellness experience.

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