UNESCO Mixing Bowls

Screw plastic. Really. I prefer to use something that feels like I just dug it out from an ancient archeological site. And then I met Emna.

Out of thousands of crafts, it is hers that is protected by UNESCO as one of the most ancient crafts and methods in the world. That's right. When you touch one of Emna's creations, you get to feel thousands of years of tradition and impeccable perfection of her life-long skill of making just pottery and pottery only.

Every piece is made out of edible clay. It is then painted with various colors of clay. So the paint itself is clay. Then it is roasted on slow low-temperature fire. And so it is not leaking water, each piece is coated with resin from a native tree.

Just clay, wood, water and fire - all elements together make an incredible piece of art and have incredible energy of hand, history and Emna.

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