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Hi beautiful and handsome humans!


My name is Kate.



For those for you who have been following Katari and my travels for years now, this might be somewhat of a refresher course. Thank you for your support and love all this time.


For those of you who just stumbled over this article on the wild wild web or have not been with Katari too long, so glad you found Katari and thank you for reading. Please stay and read, and follow @kataribeauty on Instagram (if you are not) and learn more what it takes to build a beauty brand the right way.


This article is about Katari Beauty - what it is, why it makes a difference in the congested world of beauty and how it helps you and the world.


First off, I do not believe in unhealthy competition or any competition, really. I believe there is a niche for everyone and there is enough pie for all of us to share and to be successful. So I want this article and any other articles to be helpful for other boss babes, beauty enterpreneurs, spa and boutique owners, and overall anyone who uses, wants to use, deals or wants to deal with natural beauty, international business, and growing a business in a slow and meaningful way.


Traveling in the Mediterranean for many years, I assembled an obssesive collection of beauty staples that transform your skin and hair. So I started a business, called it Katari. That is the short version.



There are so many amazing products on the market. Why even look at Katari? Simply put - I scavenged the world for the best location of the best ingredients that will improve the natural health of your skin and hair. I found 5 ingredients that are ENOUGH for a simple and proven beauty regimen.


Here are the ingredients and the Katari products that they make:

  • Hoba - cold-pressed jojoba wax for cleansing, priming and moisturizing skin
  • Argil - rare primordial green clay to take care of acne, blemishes, blackheads
  • Geran - geranium hydrolat (vapor distilled flower water) for deep hydration and healing skin from irritation and redness
  • Roseau - rose water hydrolat (vapor distilled flower water) for nourturing skin with rose essential oil and toning it for smooth, dewy complexion
  • Barie - prickly pear cactus seed oil, the most hard-working collagen replacing serum oil out there. Period. It is skin plumping, age & sun damage defying.



I did not stop there. I worked with artisans in the Mediterranean to develop a set of handmade plastic-free beauty accessories. Why? Because plastic just sucks and metal oxidizes ingredients and messes with the benefits of your products. So, the accessories were born. 


Think of Katari accessories as pieces of art for your beauty ritual. They are functional, handmade and each carries countless generations of craftsmanship that we work to preserve by bringing these accessories to you.

All this time I was thinking - dang, I own a natural beauty brand and I do my best to make a difference in the world by working with artisans, sourcing all products directly, yet I am still using plastic to package some of my products.


As a small brand (I am comparing myself to multi-million dollar heritage brands), I did not know how I could create a line of products and avoid plastic. It was simply not an option. All packaging, even glass has an element or plastic (closures, tops, plastic added to glass, etc.)


As they say, when a student is ready, teacher appeares.


So, it happened. A year ago in November, I met my first collection of handblown glass bottles and accessories for all you clean beauty enthusiasts to enjoy.


I did not make this custom glass packaging just for myself. I made it because I have a ton of ideas and already started helping other beauty brands to bring Katari handmade handblown glass packaging for their products.



So, in short, within last year I converted Katari Beauty to a sustainable, green, eco-friendly and plastic-free brand. A brand that helps other beauty companies to replace their packaging and a brand that helps other beauty companies and spas source incredible and rare artisanal ingredients and accessories.


Why not? It helps me, it helps the artisans I work with, and it helps businesses all around, which means it helps you!



The story goes on. This year we launched a collection of decadent oils from Egypt and called this collection "Lotus". I will write a separate article about these incredible oils and the why it is worth the crazy travel to get them!


Meanwhile, thank you so much for reading. Thank you so much for your support and happy Holidays from our entire enternational team!


Big hug,

~ Kate

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