Exciting News! Please Welcome Katari Beauty First Ambassador!!!

Katari is a tiny brand. We don't have the resources and the capital of major beauty corporations. Our business is timeless, pure and elemental beauty expertly crafted from fields to custom bottles and delivered from our Mediterranean artisans directly to you.

What we lack in $ capital, we make it up in human capital - our artisans, our customers... and now our FIRST Ambassador.

Please welcome Noria, Katari Beauty First Ambassador. @randomlynoria

And this is why it is SO extra special! To have an incredible human being like Noria join Katari to help us tell our story to more people is not an easy task. I did not ask Noria to do it. I did not pay her to do it. She called me to ask me to be a part of Katari Beauty because she believes in what I do and just wants to do it.

You will see Noria's beautiful smile and hear her explain how to do clean beauty right. I could not be more proud, happy, and excited to have this strong and beautiful human being add her beautiful voice to our story...

Welcome Noria, thank you, and let's make this world better and more beautiful together! It is a hard task when we have to walk slow but there is nothing more gratifying than making EVERY face smile with happiness, no matter how long it takes....

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