A Huge Reason Hair Does not Grow

Bad things happen to your hair when you neglect your scalp. Are you the victim of color treatments, tireless detangling, and even punishing weather? ⁠ Our tresses are no strangers to a little stress, leaving it dull, lifeless and in a constant state of won’t-grow-past-my-shoulders. ⁠


Does it sound like an informercial yet?


Well, informercials get attention. I do want to bring your attention to a very simple solution to getting better, stronger and faster growing hair. Ready?


Healthy hair starts at the root. Hair follicles or hair roots are located where the scalp is.

Consult with any hair pro and they’ll emphatically explain: healthy tresses start at the scalp. The number one rule?⁠

Don't clog the hair follicle!!!


Not unlike the skin on your body, the scalp sheds cells that need to be routinely sloughed away, giving hair room to grow. Run-of-the-mill cleansing does an okay job at this, but a legit exfoliation would do wonders. A good detox will absorb deep-rooted buildup and banish dead skin and slough away grit and grime and leave you with shiny, manageable locks.⁠

So what you can do to get those gorgeous locks you dream about?


There are a few things you can do.


Today, I opt to discuss a natural alternative (a do-it-yourself 1-minute alternative) to clarifying shampoo.


Clarifying shampoo can do a lot of things, but it can strip natural oils and it does not detox your scalp or heal your hair from environmental damage. It works to remove mechanical build-up and deeply cleanses hair and scalp. BUT, it is not enough.


How about when you have something so simple and proven that works better and is simple and has just one ingredient vs. clarifying shampoo that can have dozens of ingredients, preservatives, dyes, fragrance and stabilizers?


Without further adue, let me introduce Green Clay Hair Detox masque.


Katari Green Clay, Argil, is the most potent green clay for naturally detoxing and cleansing skin and scalp. It can be used for skin, hair and body – after all, scalp is skin too!


To make your own shampoo, simply pour 1 tablespoon of Argil green clay, add 4 oz of warm water and shake to dissolve. Use any non-metal cup, bottle or re-use a hair dye applicator bottle if you have one. Wet hair and apply greenish clay water to your hair. Massage scalp and hair roots. If you want to let the mixture sit for a few minutes while you shower, clay will have even more time to get deep into pores (under steam). Leftovers can be used to wash face (avoiding direct contact with eyes) or wash skin on entire body.


After you rinse your DIY clay shampoo, condition with your favorite conditioner and put a few drops of Katari Hoba oil or Henna oil for extra luxurious hair treatment.


Scalp detox with Katari Argil WILL NOT leave hair silky smooth. It is NOT a moisturizing treatment. It is scalp-detoxing, cleansing, and re-mineralizing treatment. Clay will leave hair feeling a bit waxy; and if you happen to have hair that needs more volume, you can skip conditioning and try the results of Argil clay shampoo you just made just by itself. Hair will have more volume and you will not need to add any other products, which usually lead again to build up on the scalp not allowing it to breath.


Caution for these hair types:

  • If you have brittle, bleached, or blond hair – our suggestion is to be cautious, as clay is extremely powerful and it is not moisturizing on its own; while it should not affect your hair color, always do a test before plunging into using any new solution for your beautiful locks.


General Info on Argil Green Clay:

  • pH-neutral – about 7.2 (which is close to human blood pH, which makes it non-reactive to our skin)
  • naturally hypoallergenic, good for any skin, even most sensitive
  • non-comedogenic (will not clog pores)
  • preservative-free – it is hand-picked from our exclusive quarry and the only process it undergoes before getting in the non-reactive glass container is milling (to get it from little chunks to pretty powder) for the ease of your use
  • Argil is especially helpful for those suffering from psoriasis, dermatitis, eczema, and dandruff – it helps shed dead skin cells and helps promote healthy skin cell cycle.
  • We hand-pick our Argil green clay from a pristine location removed from pollution and human activity - it is the best clay, the purest and the most potent!

 Big hug and choose pure, timeless, and elemental remedies when you can. They work and do not harm you, your skin or our planet. ~ Kate


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