Full Circle Salon & Spa - a Wheat Ridge Colorado gem

When you choose a place to go for a spa treatment or a great new hair style maybe the look gets in you in first. But it is the people that get you to stay.

In case of Full Circle Salon & Spa you have it all - the cutest little spa with the warmest people and a lot of great energy to go around. And some talent! 

The best places for me are where you know that people like each other, love what they do (A LOT) and all of a sudden, you feel like a close friend and a family, not a customer. It just feels easy and natural. And you have this great feeling when you walk away with perfect hair and amazing nails. 

So if you are on that side of town, stop on by and become a regular. And when you already look and feel perfect, they have an amazing selection of beauty accessories and my favorite purses that keep everyone in the entire world (and I travel a lot) asking where I got those from. And I tell them, at Full Circle in Wheat Ridge! :)

Please support your local business by liking their Facebook page. It will mean a lot to them! @fullcirclesalonandspa



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