Say hello to barie, made by the lovely @kataribeauty — such luxurious packaging and such a luxurious single ingredient product!

Taken from The Mediterranean where it naturally grows, this prickly pear seed oil has an amazing array of uses! Some include: 
Barbary Fig Oil (Prickly Pear Seed Oil)
-Minerals and amino acids that can stimulate collagen -Has four kinds of vitamin e (alpha, beta, sigma, and gamma)


-Phytosterols encourage new collagen production in deeper layers of skin
-Contains vitamin k which can help with hyperpigmentation, sun spots, and under eye circles
-Carotenoids, vitamin c and flavonoids -Super antioxidant -High linoleic acid (high fatty acids)
-Anti inflammatory -Antiviral -reduces inflammation (sunburn, redness, itching, rosacea, insect bites, psoriasis rashes)