How to Use Ancient Beauty Discovery Set

This is how we use these beautiful ingredients in our daily beauty regimen...

Each product in Belle Voyaj is a multi-tasking ancient beauty staple. Each is produced using ancient methods without the use of preservatives, fragrances, dyes, or alcohol. It is pure, natural luxury in handmade glass bottles and a jar.

Most of us are too busy for complex regimens. Here is what we do with little kids and demanding international business schedule:


  • detox, cleanse and tone skin in the morning while you are in the shower
  • mix 1 spoon of Argil green clay powder with 2 teaspoons of warm water before shower
  • wet face and apply a thin layer of Argil green clay mixture to your face avoiding eyes
  • shower, letting Argil green clay masque do its work going deep into skin and pores under steam
  • rinse off Argil green clay masque last
  • without letting skin dry moisturize with Hoba (jojoba plant wax aka oil)
  • wait less than a minute before applying makeup (Hoba soaks into skin very fast and creates a perfect primer for any makeup)


  • use Roseau (rose water toner) to set makeup, to tone and refresh skin (any time)
  • use Hoba (jojoba plant wax) to moisturize dry lips, cuticles, hands, etc. Please remember that oil best absorbs when skin is most receptive to it, which is with water. Do not apply oils on dry, cold, chapped skin immediately after coming from cold outside, but instead wait until skin warms up and pores open up. We usually dab a few drops of Roseau (rose water) or wet skin with warm water and then apply Hoba on slightly wet skin. Water does not moisturize skin. Oil and water together do.


  • remove your makeup with a cotton round or cotton reusable cloth with a few drops of Hoba
  • wash face and neck with warm water
  • dab a few drops of toning Roseau, massaging it into skin
  • without letting skin dry completely, apply a few drops of Hoba, massaging the oil into skin
  • massaging skin allows much more than better product absorption, it helps muscles and blood flow, and those are instrumental for healthy, vibrant skin tone and youthful appearance

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