Hair Rehab

The only thing that I think about when sourcing a product is having the very very best quality. Having best quality means it will cost money. Well made things do not come free usually and someone put a lot of energy, love, and experience to create this product.

And when I hear about products that are going to be launched (not by Katari) that have dozens of ingredients and their cost to make is $0.25 altogether, I have to wonder - what the heck are those ingredients and do I really want them even near my hair?

You cannot tell brands and companies what to do, they will still try to sell you products that are cheaply made with questionable ingredients. That is on them. I will do my thing of educating myself and all of you who would like to listed about single-ingredients that work well, and do not hurt anything or anyone.

Today's ingredient and hero for hair rehab is Henna Oil.

henna oil moisturizing hair and lash rehab oil

Henna leaf has been used since ancient times to promote wellbeing of hair and add its natural color pigment to hair.

Henna oil is a cold-pressed oil we get from pressing of the dried henna leaves, which creates this beautiful green and very mysterious looking oil. Unlike henna paste that you would use as hair dye, henna oil has a very mild and very pleasant fragrance. And, henna oil does not dye your skin or hair. 

If you are set on using good ingredients, give henna a try and it will help you with some of these hair and skin conditions:

  • it is an excellent skin moisturizing oil
  • wonderful on dry and flaky scalp
  • promotes hair growth and regeneration (apply to hair roots, massage into scalp)
  • promotes lash and brow growth (apply daily to lash line and brows)
  • gives a beautiful glow and shine to hair (apply a few drops on slightly wet hair after shower)

application of Katari henna oil to brows 

It is ok to go single-ingredient with hair products. I think your hair will love it. I personally love the simplicity of it. And also, I love it because I know where my ingredients come from and that they do not cost $0.25. Because nothing good does. 

Stay beautiful!

~ Kate

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