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100% cold-pressed jojoba oil cleanser & moisturizer for sensitive skin - Hoba

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Hoba [ho-buh] or jojoba oil has been a steady beauty staple in Europe for a long time. Why? It is simple, it is hypoallergenic, it does not clog pores (is non comedogenic) and it works on ANY skin, body and hair type.  
  • light, non-oily & fast absorbing moisturizer
  • perfect for priming skin & makeup removal
  • great skin conditioner from newborns and up
  • hypoallergenic, pH-neutral and non-comedogenic
  • for ALL without exclusions

Using Hoba, which is a carrier oil as your natural makeup cleanser is a perfect way to keep your skin healthy and smooth. And for acne-prone skin, Hoba is an incredible natural oil cleanser to help normalize skin oil production.

When I say Katari Hoba - the purest jojoba oil, has no comparison, your only way to believe it is to try it. Read our customers reviews too!!!

    One Ingredient: 100% EURO Organic Jojoba Plant Wax (aka jojoba oil)

    Katari Hoba is not an ordinary oil. We source it to each seed (all seeds come from small organic farms in the Delta of the Nile in Egypt) and work with the artisans in the Mediterranean who mastered the ancient and modern oil cold-pressing techniques and pride themselves on the most incredible quality. Our Hoba is 100% single-ingredient, pure and unrefined.

    Storage & handling

    Hoba is incredibly stable naturally. Why? Because it is not an actual oil. It is closer in chemical composition to a wax (a plant wax) and it stays perfectly good for many years. Temperature, light and other factors that typically affect an oil, do not do anything to virtually indestructible Hoba. We suggest though using Hoba within 1-2 years, so that you always have the freshest beauty miracle in your repertoire. 

    Benefits of pure jojoba oil:

    Hoba is a must have item in your home skin care arsenal. This is what it does really well: 

    • helps skin retain moisture
    • balances out skin oil (sebum) production preventing acne breakouts, whiteheads and other skin ailments
    • improves flexibility and elasticity of skin
    • reduces wrinkles
    • lightens skin marks, scars and stretch marks
    • mends dry hair
    • naturally does not contain comedogenic ingredients, so it does not clog pores and hydrates skin while allowing it to breathe
    • perfect for pregnant women and newborns (most sensitive skin)
    • wonderful at priming skin before makeup and removing makeup, even mascara
    • carrier oil - add other oils to Hoba to allow them to get into skin even better

    Daily Regimen with Katari Jojoba is very simple and feels clean and light:

    • apply a couple of drops onto wet skin (you can spray Katari Rose Toner, Roseau or just water) twice a day. It will absorb very fast.
    • the best way to use Hoba is after a toner, which will help increase moisturizing effect and will lock in the moisture.
    • at the end of the day, use Hoba for cleansing skin. You can add other essential oils to Hoba to bring more benefits to the skin.
    • if you happen to have a beard, applying a few drops of Hoba on steamed up skin and hair in the shower will do wonders. Try it.
    • if you have little ones, there is nothing better than Hoba on red, irritated skin and dry chapped lips and tiny dry bellies. It will not sting, burn and will just gently moisturize and help skin heal.

    Eye and face makeup remover with jojoba oil: Add a few drops of Hoba to to a cotton ball and wipe your eyes, face or neckline. Hoba naturally takes care of eyeliners, waterproof mascara and all kinds of professional and day-to-day makeup beautifully. Hoba cleanses and moisturizes and creates a wonderful base for a new layer of makeup if you are ready for it. If you applied a little too much and your face looks shiny, Hoba will absorb very quickly and any oily luster will disappear soon.

    Body moisturizer with jojoba oil: For babies and adults alike, this completely hypo-allergenic wax ester will make skin soft and smooth. Apply a drop at a time all over body to slightly damp skin right after a shower or a bath. Hoba absorbs in no time and locks in the moisture.

    Bath oil with jojoba oil: Add a few drops to the water while taking a bath for extra soft, smooth feel. Your skin will feel moisturized, even if you have very sensitive skin.

    Massage oil with jojoba oil: Hoba is a great carrier oil. You can add essential oils to Hoba for a luscious massage oil that will not stain sheets and will wash off really well. Hoba does not clog pores and can be used for any skin type.

    Feet and hands treatment with jojoba oil: Apply Hoba to feet and/or hands. It is great if you have an hour to allow jojoba to get into your skin and leave it feeling silky soft and smooth. Wrap your feet or hands in gauze and put mittens or socks (depending on the treatment area of course).

    Hair treatment with jojoba oil: Massage a few drops of Hoba into roots of your hair to hydrate and replenish / lock-in moisture. You will know how much to use right away. It absorbs quickly. Just keep adding Hoba to your hair drop by drop.

    You can do it to slightly damp hair after the shower, both to roots and to ends. In cold climates, especially in winter, you can rub a few drops in the ends of your dry hair as well and smooth a few drops throughout your hair to prevent dryness and static frizzy feeling. If you are conditioning your hair before shower, wait at least 10 minutes to give jojoba oil time to penetrate and help moisturize and mend split ends and other hair problems caused by dryness, dyes, product use and environment.

    If you use Hoba on your scalp, it helps with dandruff issues. Why? Because dandruff is caused by dryness and jojoba keeps your skin well moisturized.

    Lip conditioner with jojoba oil: Put a dab of Hoba on your lips any time you like. Don’t be lazy – it is good for you! Or make an easy DIY lip scrub with some Hoba and some sugar. Yum!

    Shaving with jojoba oil: Gentlemen, you can use Hoba as a skin softener prior to shaving. Apply to the area you are shaving before putting shaving cream on. After shaving, apply more Hoba to moisturize the skin.

    Ladies, you can use that as well if you have sensitive skin or do not like the shaving aftermath of razor burn. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised to find a new favorite shaving method.

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