INTRO & TRAVEL KIT | 5-Product Beauty Regimen

Travel Size Katari Regimen - 5 Products to last you at least a month of regular use to get a flavor for Katari. Packaged in handsome handmade linen bag. For all skin types.
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Katari introductory collection consists of 5 incredible hand-crafted ingredients, which will last you about a month or more of regular use.


Here is what you will get in a beautiful little set equipped with instructions for keeping skin beautiful naturally:

1 oz Roseau - pure vapor distilled rose toner | keep skin toned
1 oz Geran - geranium flower water moisturizer | keep skin hydrated
0.5 oz Hoba - cold-pressed artisanal jojoba skin conditioner | keep skin smooth
0.03 oz Barie - regenerative skin serum | keep skin young
0.5 oz Argil - deeply cleansing green clay facial masque | keep skin clean
All packed in a stunning handmade linen travel bag - great for all humans!


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