100% pure rose water
for toning and lifting skin
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For face

slows down aging and reduces small wrinkles, tones and lifts skin

For Eyes

reduces puffiness under eyes, swelling, helps relax and reduce stress

For body

tones and increases skin elasticity throughout, calms skin and protects from dryness and cold weather dullness

Without oil, alcohol or added fragrance - just pure water and fresh rose petals.

The ROSEAU is so amazingly perfect because it is made using an ancient method of vapor distillation. Water with rose petals gets heated and steam drop by drop condenses into a fragrant and delicate flower water.

10 lbs of rose petals are necessary to make just 5 quarts - about 1.3 gallons of highest quality rose water. And we keep rose essential oil with our flower water to make this incredible hydrosol even more powerful, almost like a light anti-aging serum.

Our Rose water does not have irritating allergens, chemical by-products, it does not affect hormones or causes any side effects.

Quality of Rose Water is directly dependent on the climate and soil conditions of the area where roses are grown

Roses grow on large organically farmed fields and are the pride of Mediterranean culture for hundreds of years. We don't just buy ANY rose water. We sought out artisans who took flower water distillation to the level of art and science and hold Doctorate Degrees in distillation and processes sciences.
Instead of greenhouses and fertilizes, roses of Katari Roseau get the warmth of Mediterranean sun, rich soil and loving energy of women’s hands.

Rose petals are collected in April, only 2-3 weeks a year, during flowering season, when delicate roses are full of spring freshness brought in by spring showers and mild sun.
Rose water is regaining its popularity. Real rose water is labor-intensive and expensive. To make large quantities of rose water, some companies dilute it, add rose essential oil, color or simply artificially flavored water. Real rose water does not have a color.”
Kate, Founder | Katari

Use ROSEAU as a

natural skin toner

When you use Roseau regularly, you will see your skin gets rid of fine wrinkles and looks more toned and even.
Application: Spraying of water is not necessary and it is better dabbing water into skin and massaging it in. It penetrates skin better, provides more blood circulation and stimulates skin and cell regeneration better than spraying. We do it the way ancient beauties used to do it.
Roseau does not cause allergies; is very mild and naturally reduces skin irritation
One bottle will last a couple of months - we suggest using Roseau daily
Using ENTIRE Katari regimen daily will cost you less than a cup of espresso!

Ideal for acne-prone & mature skin

Rose water helps normalize dry and oily skin alike. It is amazing at reducing skin inflammation, helping with acne and tones skin like a champ. AND... it is a makeup setter (great ON TOP of makeup).
One Ingredient: 100% pure ROSE WATER (vapor-distilled rose petal hydrosol), a light astrigent to tone and lift skin, and to minimize capillary damage & rosacea. For all skin types.
Price: 26 USD
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Our rose water has rose essential oil in it. Since rose essential oil is so expensive, many companies skim the oil from the top of the water and sell it separately. We don't. Because we want you to experience the truly incredible rose water produced the proper way.

Here are a few ways of using Roseau at home

Facial masques with Roseau are incredibly easy and versatile. Dab a cotton round soaked in rose water and massage rose water into skin using circular motion. Light massaging is perfect to increase blood circulation and improve skin and any benefits of ingredients applied to it.
mince ½ of very ripe banana, add ⅓ oz of heavy cream and 1 oz of Roseau
Mix 1 tsp of Katari Argil (green clay) with 2 tsps of Roseau, rinse off when skin feels tight
Mix 1 tbsp of fresh cottage cheese and 1 tbsp of minced peeled cucumber and 1 oz of Roseau. Mince well and apply to skin
dry 8-10 almonds in the oven and pulverize them with mortar and pestle or in blender. Add ½ tsp of raw honey and 1 tbsp of Roseau
add a few drops of Roseau to cotton rounds to sufficiently saturate them and apply over closed eyes (on top of eyelids) for 20 minutes
add Roseau water to 2-4 cheesecloth squares and apply to affected area (can store in the fridge and use as needed)
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Rosewaters are probably my favorite products to use

I’ve tried soo many and own many 🌹 So please understand that I don’t say this lightly.. Katari Beauty’s Roseau Toner is without a doubt one of the absolute best rosewaters I have ever tried 👌 Not only is the little frosted glass bottle very aesthetically pleasing, but the rosewater it contains is potent and pure, with a true sunny, rosey floral scent. I can’t bring myself to waste a single drop by using it on a cotton round, so I’ve been dripping a bit into my palm with a few drops of facial oil and pressing it into my face that way. It’s soo calming both topically, and emotionally from the wonderful fragrance 🥰🥰⁣


Rosewaters are probably my favorite products to use
My first attempt is live on making an oil based mineral based airbrush foundation.

I definitely need less oil next time and I think I need to mix before I put it in the cup BuT it was a great learning curve! With my favorite products! @kataribeauty @silknaturals — and using my @temptu pro because I need a compressor with a higher psi to push out an oil based foundation 🤗❤️



My first attempt is live on making an oil based mineral based airbrush foundation.
Who loves Katari Roseau?!

I know our clients absolutely love this product during their treatments



Who loves Katari Roseau?!
These two products are a MUST!

Being travel size makes them perfect to keep in a purse or take on the go! They both will make your skin feel amazing and so refreshed! 



These two products are a MUST!

Coming Soon!


One Ingredient: 100% pure ROSE WATER (vapor-distilled rose petal hydrosol), a light astrigent to tone and lift skin, and to minimize capillary damage & rosacea. For all skin types.
Price: 26 USD
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All pure artisans ingredients
Vegan & Cruelty-Free
No Preservatives


rose toner with rose essential oil
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Price: 26 USD

About Roseau

  • powerful toning astigent
  • alcohol-free, fragrance-free
  • rosacea & capillary damage repairing
  • for all skin types, great for acneic skin


100% Pure Vapor Distilled Tunisian Rose Water (rose petals + water)

Skin lift in one spray - that is Roseau. I am personally obsessed with it and don't leave for any trips long or short without a little bottle of this incredible toner. It is light, naturally fragrant, it has just the essence of rose petals distilled to most decadent perfection in its ingredient list.


It is perfect to set makeup, to shrink pores, to lift and tone skin and make you feel like a million bucks. The ladies who make Katari Roseau have done it for countless generations using the same ancient tedious process of vapor distillation. This is means there is no alcohol, no oil and only pure, naturally fragrant rose water drawn from the petals of freshly collected roses produced just one week in a year. It does not compare to anything else in how light and good it feels.


We recommend using your rose water within two years but it is really stable for a very very long time and it does not get affected by time, just like fine perfume.



100% pure ROSE WATER (vapor-distilled rose petal hydrosol), a light astrigent to tone and lift skin, and to minimize capillary damage & rosacea. For all skin types.
Price: 26 USD
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