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Cleanser, Toner & Masque Kit


Easy to incorporate into your existing routine and up the game with clean ingredients that do good for your skin. 

We will send gifts to go along for your beauty ritual. And when you run out or decide, which product is your favorite (that will be hard, we promise), you can buy them all separately and also send gifts of Katari to your friends and family!

This three step simplest and purest beauty ritual includes:

1. Deeply Cleansing & Detoxifying, Purifying Clay Masque | ARGIL

2. Toning and skin pH balancing single-ingredient rose water toner | ROSEAU

3. Moisturizing, priming and makeup removing liquid wax, aka jojoba oil | HOBA

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Clean, Vegan, Preservative-Free Artisanal Ingredients

We source our famous ingredients from the most experienced artisanal groups in the Mediterranean. Our oils come directly from artisans with advanced degrees in oil cold-pressing technology and are wild grown or picked at remote organic farms. We handmake our glass and stunning packaging made out of gorgeous black linen.

All our products are single ingredient. All are cruelty-free and vegan. We use no preservatives and no plastic. Preservatives are not needed because of the nature of the products or the method we use for its production.

Roseau - [ro-zo] - rose water toner to shrink pores and remove capillary damage and redness, including rosacea. Roseau is a hand distilled rose water, which is produced using vapor distillation process from rose petals, preserving rose precious rose essential oil. Read more about Roseau here.

Hoba - [ho-buh] - jojoba oil primer, makeup remover, skin moisturizer, and hair conditioner. It is pH-neutral, hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic (does not clog pores). Hoba is a 100% pure cold-pressed jojoba seed plant wax. Read more about Hoba here.

Argil - [ar-zheel] - rare Tunisian green clay for deep cleansing, exfoliating, detoxing, toning skin, and regenerating skin cells for acne-free, clear and toned complexion. Argil is 100% pure, hand-picked Tunisian green clay. It is pH-neutral (7.26), hypoallergenic, and non-comedogenic (does not clog pores). Read more about Argil here.

Watch our little video filmed at a holistic Pharmacy @welltopia in Mequon, Wisconsin, talking about Argil green clay, how to use it and what it does. And read even more tips and tricks below!

Argil green clay can be used daily as a spot treatment on blemishes, breakouts and blackheads / whiteheads to draw them out and purify pores. And it can be used 1-2 times a week as a complete facial masque (get neck, chest. and if you can, lymph nodes under armpits too).

Barie Powder (Poudre de Barie) does not work well as a stand alone product, as it does not have enough grip to cling to skin, but when added in equal proportions to Argil green clay or a pinch of it gets added to a few drops of your favorite carrier oil, like Hoba Oil, it is a marvelously rich exfoliant with moisturizing boost of Vitamin E to help collagen production and skin cell regeneration. So, you can add Barie Powder to your Argil facial masque 1:1 and gently massage the skin to help with extra exfoliation. We usually do it all while in the shower, to take advantage of steam, open pores, and clay masque that stays active and does not dry out.

For oily, dry and combination skin:

For oily or combination skin, a green clay masque is perfect to balance natural sebum production and natural hydration level of skin. Dive deep into Green Clay Masque info in another page and learn how chemistry in this clay makes your skin (oily, dry or combination) perfect and healthy.

Use 1-2 times a week or as you want / need. Mix 1 teaspoon of Argil green clay with 1-2 spoons of warm water and apply to skin. Do not let dry completely. When skin feels tight, splash some warm water on the face to rehydrate the skin and make it easier to wash; and rinse the masque off. Follow with Hoba as moisturizer.

For acne-prone and oily skin with breakouts – you can use Argil facial masque as a spot treatment as often as you need.

Natural vegan recipe to help with acne naturally with Argil green clay:

When it comes to natural ways to clear skin and get rid of breakouts, adult or teenage acne, this green clay will surprise you. If you are tired of expensive and complex, there are easy ways to get rid of breakouts and easy DIY acne treatments with Argil. This is why Argil is a superior choice for homemade acne treatment:

  1. Acne proliferates in environment that is not pH neutral. Cleansing skin with a pH-neutral, (7.24) Argil tonic or masque will stop bacteria growth
  2. Trying to dry out acne with alcohol-based recipes or recipes that strip natural oils will lead to more oil production; and therefore, to more breakouts. Argil does not strip natural oils, yet it draws out excess oils, which is exactly what you need with acne-prone, oily skin.
  3. To get rid of acne naturally without harsh chemicals that might affect your hormones or other systems, choose a product that is harmless and not systemic. Argil does not absorb into blood stream (which makes it not systemic). It only adsorbs (pulls) toxins, excess oils and impurities to the surface.

Argil green clay works well on all skin types. Read more on our Argil page. Nothing needs to be added except for warm water and the easiest is to use it for 5-7 minutes under steam while in the shower, rinsing it off last and following up with a moisturizer (Hoba is perfect for it).

Argil can be used as often as needed. If redness occurs, it is a normal reaction (though it is rare) and means that Argil is doing its job by improving blood circulation and pulling blood to the surface. It is NOT an allergic reaction.

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