Baby Care


Baby Care


If it works for a sensitive newborn skin, it works for anyone. If you need a present for a new Mom or need to give your little one some relief from dry, itchy skin or skin redness and irritation - we have a few ancient staples that work without stinging, will not cause an allergec reaction, and have no side-effects. And then we have some accessories - spoon for feeding, or spatula for yoghurt or ice cream and a sponge for gentle washing.

Baby skin deserves the purest & safest products!

1 fl oz | 30 mlREFILL 4.0 oz | 113 ml

And some baby accessories to feed and to cleanse...

For babies or Moms to be - what sensitive skin needs

Tips for using Katari products on babies

OILS - always use oils on slightly wet, warm skin - after shower or after applying a hydrosol (flower water) like Geran. While our oils are highly unlikely to cause a reaction, always test all natural products before use. Hoba Oil is the safest choice always!

WATERS - geranium water is wonderful to cool down red and irritated skin and to soothe bruises and scratches without stinging.

CLAY - can be a fun little mommy and me masque or a little stop treatment for eczema and dry skin patches. Apply some Hoba oil after the clay masque comes off. Read our tips for more info.

ACCESSORIES - we selected olivewood accessories that you can use to feed your baby - olivewood is hardy, does not splinter and non-porous, which makes it resistant to bacteria. And also, natural sponges to gently wash that baby skin - they are so fun in the bathtub.