Rosehip Oil


Uncover the radiance of Mediterranean rose on your skin. Rosehip oil comes from a plant that has the highest vibrational energy of all plants and throughout history has been the symbol of love itself. Rosehip Oil rejuvenating properties will help smooth fine lines and help fade discolorations and sun spots.

Why use Rosehip?

As the purest and more powerful source of Vitamins A & C, pure Rosehip Oil is a natural and safe alternative to retinol. Rosehip Oil fights skin aging related to UV & sun damage and helps relieve skin dryness and smooth fine wrinkles for mature skin.

What is Rosehip?

Rosehip is 100% pure, cold-pressed Rosehip Oil. Katari Rosehip is cold-pressed from dried petals and fruit of the rose bush grown on small farms in Egypt’s Delta of the Nile. These farms have used sustainable irrigation and growing practices since the time of the Pharaohs. 

Healing power of rose for fresh & bright skin

to brighten skin, we need to boost cellular turnover 

powerhouse of Vitamin A in Rosehip sloths off dead skin cells

and boosts skin smooth and bright complexion naturally


Brightening oil

your source of fresh Vitamin A

High concentration of fresh and natural Vitamins A, C and F in Rosehip Oil, when used daily, will help with cell regeneration and a reduction of hyperpigmentation. Rosehip Oil will remedy skin dryness and will improve skin texture.
  • powerhouse of Vit. A & C to lighten & brighten skin, providing deep moisturizing effect & improving skin texture

  • softens appearance of existing & prevents new wrinkles, reduces appearance of acne, scars and stretch marks

  • maintains skin moisture barrier & boosts collagen production

  • fights rosacea, eczema, psoriasis & dermatitis

  • perfect for dry and mature skin types


Where does Rosehip go in your skin & hair regimen?

Dull skin, sun spots or fine lines? Rosehip Oil to the rescue!

reasons to fall in love

with Rosehip

  • vegan alternative to retinol

  • natural source of Vitamin A

  • rich moisturizer for dry and mature skin

  • help get rid of dead skin cells and brighten complexion

  • boosts collagen production & smooths wrinkles

  • lightens scars and stretch marks

  • calms frizzy hair

  • helps alleviate symptoms of eczema and rosacea

  • hard to misuse decadent daily serum

  • sun damage and sun spots reducing oil

See the beauty of Rosehip Oil

The purest source of Vitamin A & C for skin to brighten and de-age.

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Rosehip is plant-based alternative to retinol

You can feel good and safe about using Rosehip. We source all our ingredients ourselves and follow the process from seeds to bottles, which we make as well. Each single-ingredient product you put on your skin is masterfully crafted by Mediterranean artisans. And if you looking for a non-animal based alternative to retinol, there is nothing better than Vitamin A-rich Rosehip oil to add to your clean beauty ritual.

One ingredient with many benefits

  • purest natural source of Vitamins A, C & F
  • fights premature skin aging related to UV damage
  • revives dry skin
  • softens skin wrinkles & promotes collagen production to prevent new wrinkles
  • for all skin types & perfect for mature skin

Brightening Rosehip

is restoring skin youth


We went this far to

find the best for you!

Watch our video about how we source our ingredients from our artisans in the Mediterranean.

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These products go well together

with Rosehip Oil

Here are a few more products you can try once you fell in love with Rosehip. We always use Roseau or Geran or both mixed together (one of our flower waters) before using an oil. Hoba Oil is a daily go-to for cleansing and priming skin and is a great morning choice, where heavier Rosehip can be your night serum. And Argil green clay masque used 1-2 a week is insturmental for clean, tight pores, and healthy skin cells.