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Fuller Eyebrows
"I just started using the henna oil recently and have noticed that my brows are getting fuller. I also use it on my scalp and the ends of my hair after a shower and my hair is softer. I'm sold on the benefits of henna oil." ~ Lydia

While no oil 'grows' hair, Henna Oil cold-pressed from dried henna leaves nourishes, moisturizes, and protects hair follicles, which in turn helps healthy hair growth (that goes for all hair - lashes and brows too). And the color of earthy Henna oil is just so beautiful and green. And despite of coming from the same henna plant as henna dye, Henna Oil does not stain hair or change hair color. And it works for all hair colors and types.

Why use Henna Oil?

You have to have one hair champion in your selfcare regimen. Henna Oil IS the oil we suggest. Moisturize and protect hair, rehab brows and lashes, say bye-bye to scalp dryness and dandruff - all with one hard-working ancient hair staple - Henna Oil.

What is Henna Oil?

Henna Oil comes from the dried henna leaves. It is the same plant that makes the henna dye but for some reason that cold-pressed oil does not change hair color or stain skin. Henna Oil is 100% pure and cold-pressed from plants gathered from small organic farms in the Delta of the Nile in Egypt.

This is what makes hair grow

to grow healthy hair you need to have strong hair follicles

nourishing and protecting Henna Oil makes hair follicles stronger

strong hair follicles grow stronger, healthier hair

Henna Oil

lash & brow oil

hair follicle protecting oil

To maintain naturally gorgeous hair, you must protect hair follicles. Massaging a few drops into hair roots and scalp after wash and to hair lengths before drying, will moisturize and nourish hair and add healhy shine. For hair rehab and strong results, apply to brows and top lash line daily for 6-10 weeks.
  • hair and scalp nourishing and moisturizing, helps reduce scalp dryness and dandruff

  • enhances growth of lashes and eyebrows, by naturally protecting and nourishing hair follicles

  • wonderful daily skin moisturizer

  • helps promote healthy hair growth and natural brow and lash growth
  • does not stain hair or skin


Overplucked brows or lashes that need rehab?

reasons to fall in love

with Henna Oil

  • gentle, nourishing and protecting for hair

  • relieves scalp and hair dryness

  • rich moisturizer for dry and mature skin

  • protects hair follicles allowing for stronger growth

  • has very light grassy scent (does not smell like henna dye)

  • adds color depth and shine to all hair colors and types

  • great, light and fast-absorbing beard oil 

  • rehabs overplucked brows

  • helps re-grow stronger and longer lashes

  • great for natural hair and skin tightness after braiding

Tips for Best Use

  • always аpply on clean hair

  • massage oil in into skin to stimulate hair follicles 

  • be patient!

All you need to know about Henna Oil

Here is why you need this nourishing oil for hair and how to use it!

we have tips from beauty pros!

Best oils are crafted this way

You can feel good and safe about using Henna Oil. We source all our ingredients ourselves and follow the process from seeds to bottles, which we make as well. Our oils come from plants and seeds grown sustainably, from small organic farms and from soils not depleted, but naturally rich in sidiments replenished by annual floods for millenia.

One ingredient with many benefits

  • pure, natural oil to support hair vitality
  • fights dandruff & scalp dryness
  • great moisturizer for hair & skin
  • protects hair follicles allowing them to grow faster and stronger
  • does not stain hair (for all hair colors & types) - great for textured and natural hair

Moisturizing & protecting



We went this far to

find the best for you!

Watch our video about how our oils are crafted by oil masters in the Mediterranean.

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