Henna [hen-nuh]

Henna Oil

1 oz | 30 mlREFILL 4.0 oz | 113 ml

hair and scalp conditioning, moisturizing and growth enhancing oil, (lash, brow & all things hair)

One Ingredient:

100% pure, cold-pressed Henna oil (does not stain skin or hair)

1 oz | 30 mlREFILL 4.0 oz | 113 ml
You have to have one hair champion in your self-care regimen. Henna Oil IS the oil we suggest. Moisturize and protect hair, rehab brows and lashes, say bye-bye to scalp dryness and dandruff - all with one hard-working ancient hair staple - Henna Oil. And while NO OIL grows hair, some oils protect hair follicles and this IS what helps enhance and grow hair. Henna Oil comes from the dried henna leaves. It is the same plant that makes the henna dye but for some reason that cold-pressed oil does not change hair color or stain skin.

5 reasons to fall in love with Henna Oil

  • Henna Oil protects hair follicles allowing for stronger growth (hair, brows & lashes

  • It relieves scalp and hair dryness

  • Henna Oil adds color depth and shine to all hair colors and types - does not stain skin or alter hair (safe for dyed hair) and amazing for textured hair and after braiding!

  • It is a great, light and fast-absorbing beard oil 

  • Henna Oil is a rich moisturizer for dry and mature skin

Why Our Customers Love Henna Oil

Dreamy green color that changes how hair, brows and eyelashes feel!

Here is what our customers reported about Henna Oil

  • thicker, fuller eyebrows

  • shiny, soft hair

  • calmed skin redness

  • tightened pores

  • locked moisture

  • improved oily skin

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Learn more about Henna Oil!

Take a look at what henna oil is made from, how it looks and what it does. And if you like it all, try Henna Oil and share this green beauty!

Watch how we make our oils

Travel with us to see how we cold-press our oils. The process is the same for all our oils and the result is rich, naturally potent oils.

Why Katari Henna Oil is a dream!

Cold-Pressed Green Goodness

The yield is pretty small when you cold-press dried henna leaves, but the result is a phenomenally rich oil that preserved all of henna plants nutrients.

Comes from Most Fertile Soil

Mineral-rich sediments gather in the Delta of the Nile to make the most fertile soil on Earth. This is where our Jojoba shrubs grow and soak up sun and minerals.

Real Organic Farming

It is illegal and also cost prohibitive to use chemicals in Egypt. The land is the natural treasure and it is actually perfectly fertilized naturally by the mighty Nile.

Small Batch & On-Demand

Katari artisans perfected the craft of small batch and only press small quantities of oil for us on demand. This ensures you always get the freshest oil at its peak.

Tips on using Henna Oil

Add Shine to Hair

Spread a few drops of Henna Oil over damp hair before styling to offer protection, deepen the color and add earthy scent and a bit of shine.

Promote Hair Growth

Use Henna Oil as 'hot oil' scalp treatment overnight or for a few hours. Massage warm oil into scalp and for treatment of split ends over lengths of hair. Keep under a shower cap for a few hours or overnight. Rinse. 

Rehab Lashes & Brows

Nothing happens overnight even with the best natural products. Use Henna Oil every day for 6-8 weeks to see results.  Massage it into brows (including over-plucked areas that need a boost) and on the top eyelid (for lash rehab).

Moisturize Skin

Henna Oil makes a great skin moisturizer, a great beard conditioner that smells grassy and light and feels amazing on skin.

Dandruff & Scalp Dryness

Use Henna Oil after braiding to alleviate skin tightness and help with dryness. Massage Henna Oil into hair roots after washing hair to help with dryness and dandruff.

Henna Oil's best friends

Surprisingly, you can use all our products for hair, you just have to experiment with what works for your hair type and climate you are in. Castor Oil is amazing for hair and actually also deeply cleanses skin pores. Argil green clay can be used instead of clarifying shampoo and to add volume to fine hair. Hoba, jojoba oil, is a go-to hair treatment, conditioning and moisturizing hair and beard oil. Granate (Pomegranate Seed Oil) is for UV protection, shine and decadent sweet smell. 

We know, it is addictive! For more...

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