It is impossible to misuse Hoba and here are just a few great ways of incorporating Katari jojoba oil into your healthy skin and hair routine:

Skin Conditioner

Hoba is an oil famous for being a great natural moisturizer.  Anywhere on the skin. For anyone. Any age. Once you try it, you will know exactly what we mean. It is so super light and absorbent and when it is added to wet skin directly after shower or on freshly washed face, it helps seal the moisture without making skin look oily.

Makeup remover

Add a few drops of Hoba to a cotton ball and wipe your eyes, face or neckline. Hoba naturally takes care of eyeliners, waterproof mascara, foundation, eye shadows and all kinds of professional and day-to-day makeup.

Makeup Primer

Hoba is a natural moisturizer and creates a wonderful base for makeup. As we learned by working with makeup artists and cosmetologists, it is great to start with wet skin (spray some Roseau - rose toner directly onto the face) or just wet the face with some water and apply a few drops of Hoba to allow it to spread easily. Hoba will absorb within a minute and you will notice that applying makeup is more enjoyable, especially if you have dry skin. The foundation goes on top of Hoba flawlessly!

Body moisturizer

For babies and adults alike, this completely hypo-allergenic wax ester will make skin soft and smooth. Apply a drop at a time all over body to slightly damp skin right after a shower or a bath. Hoba absorbs in no time and locks in the moisture.

Beard Oil

Gentlemen - this will be your new favorite. Allow steam from the shower and hot water open up those hair follicles and then add a few drops of Hoba oil to your beard, moustache and anywhere on the hair and face. You will notice that hair, especially the more coarse facial hair texture softens up with Hoba. And there is no scent, no oily residue and no reaction. Once you try Hoba on your hair and face and beard, you might even want to try it for a perfect shave too. 

Bath Oil

Add a few drops to the water while taking a bath for extra soft, smooth feel. Your skin will feel moisturized, even if you have very sensitive skin.

Massage Oil

Hoba is a great carrier oil. You can add essential oils to Hoba for a luscious massage. Hoba does not clog pores and can be used for any skin type. And, being a wax, it will not stain sheets - will wash off really well.

Feet and Hands treatment

apply Hoba to feet and/or hands and nail cuticles to keep them from being too dry. It is great if you have an hour to allow jojoba to get into your skin and leave it feeling silky soft and smooth. Wrap your feet or hands in gauze and put mittens or socks (depending on the treatment area of course). We always suggest using a combination of oil and water. Try putting Hoba on wet hands and you will see a difference how quickly this oil soaks in.

Hair treatment

Massage a few drops of Hoba into roots of your hair to hydrate and replenish / lock-in moisture immediately after washing and conditioning your hair. You will know how much to use right away. It absorbs quickly. Just keep adding Hoba to your hair drop by drop. For straight and fine hair use just 1-2 drops to prevent hair looking greasy. For textured hair a bit more that a few drops would be just fine. The hair will just drink the oil up. You will be amazed how wonderfully nice the scalp and hair feel after using jojoba oil.

You can do it to slightly damp hair after the shower, both to roots and to ends. In cold climates, especially in winter, you can rub a few drops in the ends of your dry hair as well and smooth a few drops throughout your hair to prevent dryness and static frizzy feeling.

If you are conditioning your hair before shower, wait at least 10 minutes to give jojoba oil time to penetrate and help moisturize and mend split ends and other hair problems caused by dryness, dyes, product use and environment. If you use Hoba on your scalp, it helps with dandruff issues. Why? Because dandruff is caused by dryness and jojoba keeps your skin well moisturized.

Lip conditioner

Put a dab of Hoba on your lips any time you like. It is good for you! And if you are adventurous at do-it-yourself treatments, mix a spoon of raw sugar and a spoon of Hoba for a great at-home lip scrub. Yum! It is ok if you ingest a little. All Katari ingredients are technically ok to eat - though you would not want to fill up on them.


Gentlemen: use Hoba as skin softener prior to shaving. Apply to the area you are shaving before putting shaving cream on. After shaving, apply more Hoba to moisturize the skin.

Ladies, you can use that as well if you have sensitive skin or do not like the shaving aftermath of razor burn. Try it, you might be pleasantly surprised to find a new favorite shaving method. Just steam the skin up before putting a razor to it, it will help with a better shaving experience overall.