Storage & handling

Please use care as you would with any glass accessory. Dishwashing is perfectly suitable and works great.


Yes, ingredients are important even when it comes to simple accessories. There is no plastic mixed into this glass. It is made out of pure, lab-quality glass, which means that pouring ingredients through this funnel will not create a reaction where ingredients might change their chemistry. And ingredient chemistry, unaltered, is what you need in any incredible natural recipe.

The method of making our glass is from glass tubes that are of same thickness throughout. We are not using molds, which means that we cannot make glass thicker on demand. 

Also, it is important to know that frosting of the glass takes a tiny top layer of glass off and as a result it can make glass a little bit thinner than the clear version. For the most part it does not create an issue, though as a fair warning - glass is glass and it needs to be handled with care (not super gingerly, just carefully). :)