As a pro-tip, try using Barie on wet skin (spray some Geranium or Rose water) or apply it right after washing skin. Oil and water actually mix quite well together, allowing oils to seal the moisture in the skin better and spread. Best time to apply Barie is in the evening to allow this precious oil to do its job and not to shine on the face.

We recommend using Barie regularly to improve skin elasticity, firmness and natural glow. This oil helps protect skin from effects of environment, dehydration and sun damage. It has been used for centuries to slow down aging and prevent wrinkles.

Barie is very expensive, and since it is extremely potent, we recommend using a drop or two as often as you need and where you need it most in the following order of magnitude:

  • under eyes 
  • on face
  • neck and décolleté area
  • on cuticles / nails
  • on roots and ends of hair

    Hair can be treated successfully with Katari Hoba (Jojoba Plant Oil), which is much more economical for a larger ‘job’ like hair. But if you wish to pamper yourself, use a couple of drops of Barie, or add a drop to your shampoo and/or conditioner.

    For lashes and eyebrows, Barie does a phenomenal job at rehabbing what has been damaged and enhancing stronger, more lush and longer eyebrow and eyelash growth. Why? It is very simple - it is all about chemistry inside this amazing oil. Please read our section below on Chemical Composition to fully understand how this oil works. 

    Here are just a few benefits of prickly pear cactus seed oil (Barie) for your skin:

    • protect skin against premature aging
    • tightens and plumps the skin, visibly reducing appearance of fine wrinkles
    • helps regrow fuller and stronger lashes and eyebrows
    • prevents wrinkle formation through regulating retinol production
    • helps promote a beautiful healthy complexion
    • reduces visibility and appearance of under eye shadows and dark circles
    • amazing moisturizer for skin and/or dry hair
    • great cuticle and brittle fingernail repair remedy


    The best way to apply Barie is on slightly wet skin before going to bed or in the morning on slightly wet skin before applying makeup and sunscreen.

    If you apply this oil on wet skin, it spreads more easily, and you do not use as much product. ALSO, when you add oil to water - apply oil on a wet skin, it is the oil that creates the moisture barrier and keeps the water in the skin. So, it is even better and makes more sense if you want to moisturize skin really well.

    We also apply Barie on neck, décolleté areas and on hands - to make sure that skin everywhere looks similarly youthful and healthy. And for the best lashes and eyebrows that look and feel amazing naturally, you can apply Barie on the eyelash line and on your brows as you are applying it to the entire face. Give us your feedback after 6 weeks!