One Ingredient: 100% EURO Organic Jojoba Plant Wax (aka jojoba oil)

Katari Hoba is not an ordinary oil. We source it to each seed (all seeds come from small organic farms in the Delta of the Nile in Egypt) and work with the artisans in the Mediterranean who mastered the ancient and modern oil cold-pressing techniques and pride themselves on the most incredible quality. Our Hoba is 100% single-ingredient, pure and unrefined.

Storage & handling

Hoba is incredibly stable naturally. Why? Because it is not an actual oil. It is closer in chemical composition to a wax (a plant wax) and it stays perfectly good for many years. Temperature, light and other factors that typically affect an oil, do not do anything to virtually indestructible Hoba. We suggest though using Hoba within 1-2 years, so that you always have the freshest beauty miracle in your repertoire.