One Ingredient: 100% pure vapor-distilled geranium water (geranium plant + water)

All hydrosols (flower waters) are made different. Katari Geran is a single-ingredient moisturizing flower water made out of Geranium stems and leaves. It is not a mixture of geranium oil, water and alcohol, but a small batch vapor distilled artisanal flower water.

The process of distillation is taking the essence of geranium plants under high temperature steam and distills it drop by drop into a decadent naturally fragrant water without adding any other fragrance or oils. Is one of a kind moisturizer and anti-inflammatory, redness reducing hydrosol.

We use the purest water and the purest geranium plants grown in the Tunisian North and create the most concentrated flower hydrolat out there. Geranium water is naturally stable and can be used for years, just as any fine perfume (produced in the same way Geran is).