Jet Setting in Zulu Land

I hate planning trips. So I don't. That is the best way to have a real adventure. 

Of course, some preliminary decisions have to be made, tickets purchased and I do have a vague idea about the place I am going to. However, I very rarely have time to truly research and understand what the heck I am going to do in the place I am going to visit. So I wing it. 

The last trip on an absolutely randomly gifted to me and my girlfriend safari trip, we managed to spend most of our free from viewing animals time with the Zulu village. And of course, everyone received Katari Argil treatment, randomly and we had to take pictures. 

And danced. And sang songs. And we ate. A lot. And danced. 

Travel is something you cannot plan too much. My best trips is when I fall in love with the land and the people and leave a part of my heart there. Zulu Land in South Africa is one of those special places.

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