Growing fuller brows & lashes naturally

Permanent makeup is a great solution for some; but what about me?

I rub my eyes. It is my thing, daily... I want pretty, long lashes but I am miserable every time I get them. I also don't always have time or money or both to spend on getting my lashes done. I wish I had more of both, but the reality is cruel - time and money are not always available. I have a growing business and a toddler with feet growing an inch a day, so what do I do?

Luckily there are choices for people like me with tight schedules and uncertain budget. And they work for me and for many other people - both men and women.

And it is so exciting that a lot of permanent makeup artists are adding these natural solutions to give an alternative to their customers and also to attract another niche of customers who would otherwise not be their customers.

Here are a few contenders and their pluses and minuses, as I see them:

1. Latisse or Lumigan (putting them in one category). There are some preparations on the market already for growing lashes and brows and they came from pretty much the same formulation in ophthalmology, known as Bimatoprost, an eye drop for glaucoma. However, there are some side effects, related to dark circles, allergies and other conditions that are side effects of the medication.

Growing of lashes actually came as unexpected side effect while using glaucoma drops. I am not sold on using glaucoma medication on my perfectly short-sighted and glaucoma-free eyes and potentially getting some other eye issues. Black circles under my eyes are especially bothersome, as not sleeping enough I already have plenty of. Adding that to my look complimented by fuller looking lashes is not exactly what I envision when I think of improving my looks, naturally...

2. Black Castor Oil - a natural favorite for growing lashes and brows. I might consider adding it to Katari collection soon, because it is amazing. Here is what I don't like about Black Castor Oil:

  • It needs to be of a superb quality or it is not doing its job well
  • It has a very high viscosity and for me it just feels like applying a very very thick layer of sticky oil with slightly weird scent; so going out with a thick layer of Black Castor might not work well
  • I love everything else about this oil and again am strongly considering carrying in my line once I do all the testing and am ready to show the best of the best to you.

The way I discovered this natural solution was occidental. It also made total sense that this product will do exactly this - grow hair, but I was not concentrated on this exact benefit, since the main benefit of the product was to replace collagen naturally and smooth out appearance of wrinkles - anti-age and rejuvenate skin. 

However, my customers started reaching out to me and telling me that they were applying this product on their lashes and brows and over a few weeks saw a very natural difference in appearance of their lashes and brows. First I was telling them, "this product is intended for wrinkles, neck, chest area, under eyes, etc. I did not suggest in my instructions to apply it to the brows or eyes.

But customers always figure out the best way to use a product. And they did.

And, of course, I had to try as well.

3. The miracle natural single-ingredient that is responsible for growing lashes and brows is Katari Barie, an oil derived from the seeds of the prickly pear cactus. It is one of the most labor-intensive and precious oils on the market. If you read more about Barie, you will know why. The bottom line is that is has the highest concentration of Vitamin E and Vitamin E compounds, tocopherols and fatty acids that TOGETHER in their specific combination create an incredible natural solution for regenerating skin sells, boosting collagen, healing and smoothing skin and assisting with hair follicle growth.

One little bottle of Barie will easily last you for a year and you can take it with you on all your trips and use as anti-aging oil every day as well. The best way to use Barie is on wet skin, so that oil is more elastic and less of it spreads across a larger skin area. 

I will have to start collecting actual before and after images from my customers and will try to use my own mugshot for proof. 

The best thing about Barie, is that it is perfectly good to use for anyone who does not have allergy to topical application of Vitamin E. It is also perfect as aftercare for any permanent makeup procedures, healing skin and boosting your own collagen.

Who is with me to continue rubbing eyes and keeping their routine natural because we can? :) I know my husband (who is an eye-care professional) will continue reprimanding me for rubbing eyes, but I have to have some flaws...and pretty lashes...

Big hug and cheers to great looking lashes.

Naturally yours, 

~ Kate

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