Hoba and sea sponge from ...

Hoba and sea sponge from @kataribeauty are my everyday go to’s for washing my face.. I apply the oil all over my face and give it a few minutes to penetrate.. then uses the sponge to gently exfoliate and get excess Hoba off my skin.. Is not an oil.. but is a liquid wax ester pronounced (ho-ho-ba). Jojoba oil is a very popular natural skin care product known for its anti-aging benefits. Hoba helps skin retain moisture, and is therefore, great for dry skin.. It helps improve skin elasticity, prevent wrinkle formation, smooth out scar appearance, fight acne and other skin conditions.
The reason Hoba is amazing, is exactly because it is NOT oil, but closest to human skin oils and if applied to skin, it is known to balance out natural skin oil production without clogging pores, including control of acne, breakouts and whiteheads. It also helps other oils penetrate into the skin.. like my favorite Pomegranate Oil by Katari..! Katari Hoba comes from the seeds grown on small farms in the delta of Nile, in the most fertile soil in the world. 
There is nothing apart of loving hands of farmers that goes into growing of jojoba shrubs. There are no fertilizers or chemicals. Why? Simply put - when land is your only commodity, you treasure it with reverence. You don’t contaminate it. You use what your ancestors use