Sea Sponge for cleansing & exfoliating skin | sizes & shapes vary ~ 2-3"


This sponge is called 'sea silk' for a reason. Once you add some water to it and soak it well, the smooth, silky feeling is incredible. The sizes and shapes of this natural sponge vary - it is always perfectly imperfect. The quality of the sponge does not change based on its looks. :)

Sustainably farm-raised in beautiful Atlantic Ocean, this is a great little accessory in your beauty ritual or in taking care of your little ones. It makes a great gentle sponge for babies, a perfect cleansing sponge when wet and exfoliating sponge when dry.

Using it is very easy. Just wash with warm water and if you need with some gentle soap between uses, squeeze to get excess water out and leave to dry. 

PRO TIP: to cleanse skin, wet the sponge, squeeze excess water out, add a few drops of Hoba (jojoba) oil and use to remove makeup and overall cleanse skin.

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