100% pure ROSE WATER (vapor-distilled rose petal hydrosol), a light astrigent to tone and lift skin, and to minimize capillary damage & rosacea. For all skin types.
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  • powerful toning astigent
  • alcohol-free, fragrance-free
  • rosacea & capillary damage repairing
  • for all skin types, great for acneic skin


100% Pure Vapor Distilled Tunisian Rose Water (rose petals + water)

Skin lift in one spray - that is Roseau. I am personally obsessed with it and don't leave for any trips long or short without a little bottle of this incredible toner. It is light, naturally fragrant, it has just the essence of rose petals distilled to most decadent perfection in its ingredient list.


It is perfect to set makeup, to shrink pores, to lift and tone skin and make you feel like a million bucks. The ladies who make Katari Roseau have done it for countless generations using the same ancient tedious process of vapor distillation. This is means there is no alcohol, no oil and only pure, naturally fragrant rose water drawn from the petals of freshly collected roses produced just one week in a year. It does not compare to anything else in how light and good it feels.


We recommend using your rose water within two years but it is really stable for a very very long time and it does not get affected by time, just like fine perfume.

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