5pc Intro & Travel Sized Kit - For cleansing, detoxing, hydrating & soothing skin

30 USD

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Katari introductory collection consists of 5 incredible hand-crafted ingredients, which will last you about a month or more of regular use.

Here is what you will get in a beautiful little set equipped with instructions for keeping skin beautiful naturally:

Toner | Roseau - pure vapor distilled rose toner | keep skin toned - 30 ml / 1 fl oz
Hydrating Mist | Geran - geranium flower water | keep skin hydrated - 30 ml / 1 fl oz
Moisturizer & Oil Cleanser  - cold-pressed artisanal jojoba oil | keep skin smooth - 15 ml / 0.5 fl oz
Collagen-replacing Vit E Serum  - prickly pear cactus seed oil | plump skin & reduce wrinkles - 5 ml / 0.17 fl oz
Deep Cleansing Masque -  hypoallergenic green clay facial masque | keep skin clean - 15 g / 0.5 oz

You can choose to just get the ingredients or upgrade to receive all in a beautiful handmade linen travel cosmetic bag - great for all humans!

First off, all our products are single-ingredient, elemental ancient beauty staples. We do not use preservatives, as our ingredients and methods of production do not require preservation for you to enjoy and get the most out of our products.

Adra, or the 'purest' is a collection of 5 Mediterranean staples in beauty:

  • clay for cleansing & deeply detoxing skin
  • two oils: one (Hoba) for moisturizing & priming, and another (Barie) for smoothing wrinkles and replenishing lost collagen
  • two waters: one (Roseau) for toning and ridding skin of redness and bacteria and another one (Geran) for deeply hydrating, cooling down skin and reducing inflammation and redness

Read more about each of our ingredients. We have no doubt you will fall in love with how simple, yet effective they are. The main reason why they are so good, is because we spent a ton of time finding the best makers in the world and we brought to you 100% active single ingredient timeless beauty classics. You cannot go wrong with any of them.

Here is a simple daily regimen for blemish-free skin with cruelty-free, vegan ingredients:

Morning beauty routine:

  • (can do the step with the masque 2-3 times week and the rest of it daily) – mix 1 teaspoon of Argil green clay with 1-2 teaspoons of warm water with non-metal utensils before showering
  • apply Argil clay masque to slightly wet clean face, avoiding areas under eyes
  • shower
  • rinse Argil clay masque last allowing clay to work deep into pores and cleanse the skin deeply
  • after shower when skin is still wet, apply (spray and massage or massage) Roseau (rose water toner) or Geranium hydrating water
  • before skin dries out, add moisturizer – Hoba, light and fast absorbing jojoba oil – it makes a perfect makeup primer
  • apply sunscreen and if you use makeup, Hoba is a perfect base for makeup and blends so well with foundations; Roseau is great as a final touch as a makeup setting spray

During the beauty day routine:

  • spray rose water toner as needed to refresh skin and / or makeup
  • apply Hoba oil as needed to chapped lips, dry cuticles and hands (tip: oil absorbs much better when skin is warm and even better on slightly wet, warm skin – oil and water are best friends; give it a try and see the difference)

Nightly simple beauty routine:

  • cleanse your skin with Hoba (it is an amazing clean beauty, vegan makeup remover)
  • wash / rince your face with warm or hot water
  • if you choose, spray and massage Roseau (rose water toner) or Geran (geranium hydrating mist) – I do it because it feels amazing on the skin and smells delicious
  • put a drop or two of Barie serum and massage it into your skin starting from areas under eyes and around mouth
  • add a few drops of Hoba and apply to the rest of the face, neck, décolleté and hands
  • you are ready for your skin to relax and revive over night!

Tip: Argil Green Clay masque can be used 2-3 times a week or a spot application for breakouts and blemishes as needed.

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Ava T.
United States United States
Very happy.

So pleased that I am able to try several different products before deciding on full sized options. Loving each one so far!

Jessica L.
United States United States
Great quality!

For the price this is awesome, especially with wanting to try the products they are all my favorite but if I had to choose a top would be the HOBA!!!

Jennifer E.
United States United States

A 10 for sure loved it all very nourishing and smells lovely.

Whitney S.
United States United States
Love it all!!

I have truly enjoyed each and every Katari Beauty product that I have purchased, and as a result I purchased this Intro Kit so I had samples on hand to pass on to friends to try when they hear me rave about another Katari product...again. In addition to the oils making my skin positively GLOW and the clay masque masking my skin soft, supple, and clear, I most enjoy how luxurious and decadent using these products feel. Skin care is a daily essential, but using Katari products and seeing their beautiful bottles on my shelf and smelling them as I apply them- it makes the "routine" of skincare feel like an extra special treat. Also, on a previous purchase I had reached out via Instagram with a question and I was so, so impressed by how thorough of a response I received and how much the owner(!!) cared about her products and her customers' experience. I really appreciate and respect the passion and attention to detail that is so obvious with Katari Beauty and their products.

Terri D.
United States United States
Awesome products

I've been using the intro kit for about 2 weeks and my skin is very happy with the products. I am in my 60's but my pores still clog easily. I have stopped using soap and just use the Hoba for cleansing and moisturizing. My skin is very soft with no breakouts! It takes a very small amount of the product for each use. I'm sure my kit will last at least a month. With the quality of these products and the best customer service I have ever experienced, I would recommend Katari to anyone who cares about their skin.